Islamabad, October 27 (KMS): The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, while strongly condemning Indian steps to stifle voice of freedom and dissent, has urged big powers and the United Nations to intervene in Kashmir to prevent India from destroying age-old historical character of Jammu and Kashmir.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a statement issued in Islamabad said that the world is witnessing everything indifferently in Kashmir for the last 72 years especially the past 1990 developments. “India has done no good work ever since and in times of Modi it has added to shameful deeds of its regime. On the other hand UN did nothing to stop India from imposing its rules and regulations on the Kashmiris.”

He stated that the Indian leaders in 1947 began their relationship with the Kashmiris under a fake and false Instrument of Accession written in the name of then Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Singh, who had actually not signed the so-called document. V.P.Menon, then Secretary of State India was instrumental and played a suspicious role during 25,26,27 fateful nights of Kashmir when Voice Roy of India lord Mount Baton ordered and made arrangements for an aerial military attack on Kashmir and annexed 2 third of the Himalayan State.

“The people of J&K never accepted the fabricated story of Accession and they began their resistance against it instantly and continued to withstand and fight back the horrors of Indian aggression during all these past decades. India in order to hoodwink the world opinion claimed to have recognized Kashmir’s sub- nationalism by incorporating 370 Article in the Indian Constitution. It was a one way traffic and mirage.” On 5 August 2019, Indian Modi Government took another horrific step by dismembering, bufurcating the State to make all the 3 regions, union territories of India.

The peoples of J&K haven’t accepted the State’s merger with India. But the most horrible and shameful part of this is imposition of curfew, lockdown, blockade of phones, mobile & land and snapping the internet services across the occupied region. Abduction of youth and children to unknown destinations in India by Indian forces is a stigma on Indian democracy, he added.

“Today on 27 Oct, we urge the world leaders and United Nations to compel India to revoke its 5 August decree about J&K and all those laws which are detrimental to the statehood of Kashmir and initiate progressive measures for the resolution of Kashmir in accordance with universally accepted principles of the right of self-determination,” he said.

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