New Delhi, November 21 (KMS): Congress party while terming the present situation in occupied Kashmir as precarious and worrisome has questioned the Indian government’s claims of normalcy in the territory.

The Congress spokesman, M Afzal, in an interview in New Delhi questioned the Indian government’s logic of claiming normalcy on one side and prolonging the detention of political leaders on the other side.

He said, if the government claims that political process is being reinitiated in Kashmir, why sitting Member of Indian Parliament from Srinagar and NC President, Farooq Abdulla, is being barred from attending the parliament session.

He also questioned BJP General Secretary, Ram Madhav’s recent statement about measures being taken to reinitiate political process in occupied Kashmir. According to Afzal such a statement carries no logic as the entire political spectrum of Kashmir has been kept under detention and political leaders are being treated like ruthless criminals.

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