Islamabad, November 21 (KMS): The vice President of Democratic Freedom Party, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar terming Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement regarding the situation in occupied Kashmir as a mere hoax has said that the continued clampdown and communication blockade in the valley amply belie the Indian minister’s normalcy claim.

Saghar in a statement said, “It has been over three months now that the occupied valley has been reeling bitterly under a crippling siege”adding that apart from appeasing its Hinduvata vote bank Modi and his cronies were shamelessly spreading lies, which were far away from the ground realities in Kashmir.

“The ground reality is that Kashmir is a an internationally recognized disputed territory, people of the valley have outright rejected and refused to accept the unlawful and forcible annexation attempt that goes contrary to international covenants”, he said.

“If the situation in Kashmir is normal then why internet, phone services are not restored, why media is not allowed to work independently and cover events happening in the region”, the DFP leader asked.

Referring to dire human rights violations committed by the occupation forces he said, “Since August 5, over 20 thousand Kashmiris mostly young boys have been detained illegally by the occupied authorities of them two thousand have been detained under infamous public safety act”.

On the other hand the DFP leader pointed out that prior to this controversial move India had detained the entire pro-freedom leadership and threw them behind the bars. He said that by employing colonial tactics of oppression and suppression India cannot subdue Kashmiris from pursuing their collective cause for which they have offered countless sacrifices.

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