Brussels, November 21 (KMS): Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU) organized a camp in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to protest against unrelenting lockdown imposed by Indian authorities in occupied Kashmir.

The one-day camp with a banner titled “108 Day of Curfew in Occupied Kashmir” was organized in front of European Union’s External Action Service at Schuman Square in EU’s headquarters, Brussels.

During the camp, the organizers distributed brochures highlighting the Kashmir dispute and the prevailing grim situation due to continued restrictions and grave human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. The leaflets said that it was 108 days now that India had imposed curfew in the occupied Kashmir Valley, where masses were facing immense difficulties.

People who helped in setting up the camp included prominent social figures Chaudhary Khalid Joshi, Sardar Saddique, Mir Shahjahan, Chaudhary Imran Saqib, Amir Naeem Sunny, Syed Azhar Shah and Mahar Nadeem.

The organizers used megaphone for raising voice in favour of oppressed people of occupied Kashmir being targeted by Indian troops. They also took signatures from the European people in favour of the people of Kashmir facing the worst kind of Indian state terrorism. The one million signature move is an important part of KCEU’s activities supporting oppressed Kashmiris in Europe.

Addressing on the occasion, the KCEU Chairman, Ali Raza Syed, said it is 108th day of imposition of curfew in occupied Kashmir by India but international community is still silent on the issue. “We were expecting from Europeans to play their role for end of curfew in the Kashmir Valley but so far they are silent on this matter. We set up this camp to draw attention of Europe towards this serious issue of persistent curfew which is causing severe hardships for the people of Kashmir Valley,” he added.

Other speakers also called upon the international community particularly world powers including the US and European Union to take cognizance of the grave situation in occupied Kashmir and play their role for a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

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