‘BJP misusing Kashmiri Pandits’ plight’

New Delhi, November 30 (KMS): A Delhi-based Kashmiri Pandit organisation, while reacting to a statement of an Indian diplomat in the US for comparing Kashmir with Israel, has said that it is very unfortunate that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is misusing plight of their community to score points over the Kashmir dispute.

India’s Consul General in New York City, Sandeep Chakravorty, addressing a gathering of Kashmiri Pandits said that the Modi government would follow Israeli model to settle Hindus in occupied Kashmir.

Condemning the remarks of Chakravorty, the Kashmiri Pandit outfit, Reconciliation, Return & Rehabilitations of Jammu & Kashmir Migrants, in a statement in New Delhi said, “If the ruling BJP-led Indian government is thinking in these terms then it is highly unfortunate.” It described Chakravorty’s opinion as fissiparous and narrow-minded.

The outfit said, “Kashmiri, irrespective of religion, used to live together as one society. Our language, culture and way of living are similar. We cannot be separated.”

It appealed all not to make such kind of statements which can vitiate the atmosphere. “We urge the Indian government to punish such individuals and organizations, who time and again give such statements and try to disrupt the communal harmony of Kashmir,” it added.

The organisation’s Chairman, Satish Mahaldar, in a media interview in New Delhi said that BJP was playing a dirty game in Kashmir and they were just trying to expose it. He claimed that the Indian government was not doing anything to encourage inter-community dialogue and interaction. “Instead, such statements are bound to deepen differences and ill-will,” he deplored.

He said, in few days the organisation will be launching a protest against the BJP’s Kashmir policy. He also urged the Indian government to formulate a concrete plan and take steps accordingly for community’s return and rehabilitation in Kashmir.

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