Internet ban renders valley residents jobless

Srinagar, December 01 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, people are losing top positions in prestigious institutions across the world due to unabated ban on Internet in the territory.

The people of the territory are also losing the opportunity to attend international conferences and are unable to apply for fellowships offered by the institutions of global repute.

“I am resigning from the position of the chief editor of journal Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery after I could not contribute towards its latest issue due to the Internet ban in Kashmir,” wrote Dr Imran Majid, a renowned dermatologist, on his Facebook. Majid was appointed Chief Editor of the journal in May 2017.

Like Majid, many IT professionals and journalists have lost their jobs from globally acclaimed institutions after failing to contribute towards their organisations.

A news editor of a US-based online magazine also lost his job after the Indian government blocked the Internet services in occupied Kashmir when it scrapped its special status and divided into two union territories on August 5.

“You can’t explain a few days of Internet downtime to anyone in the world let alone four months of its shutdown,” he said.

Even many scholars have lost the opportunities to attend international conferences after they could not get access to Internet and check invitations. Nearly 3,000 youngsters have lost their jobs in the information technology (IT) industry as the Internet blockade has been going on since August 5.

At the Rengreth industrial park alone, which comprises prominent IT companies and provides services to clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and South Africa, nearly 1,500 employees have been rendered jobless.

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