If foreigners can visit Kashmir why not us: Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, January 11 (KMS): Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, has criticized the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for organizing a tour of Delhi-based envoys to occupied Kashmir and not allowing the Indian people to move to the territory.

Kapil Sibal at a press conference in New Delhi on Friday while commenting on the visit of foreign envoys to occupied Kashmir asked Narendra Modi why people from outside India “have the right to visit” the territory and not the country’s politicians.

“I want to ask the prime minister that why do you have so much affection with foreigners and why not with the people of India. At least, you should be more transparent and open with the people of India,” Kapil Sibal said.

“Why don’t you allow us to visit Jammu and Kashmir? Why you do not have faith in us or the people of India? If people from outside India have the right to visit Jammu and Kashmir, why not us? Do you consider us as perpetrators of violence?” he asked.

Kapil Sibal sought to know from Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, as to what was the emergency on August 4, 2019, that Internet service was suspended from August 5 “without any reason”.

He also welcomed the Indian Supreme Court’s order in which it directed the authorities in occupied Kashmir to review the ban on Internet in the territory within a week. He said, it will restore free flow of information from the territory. He also appreciated court’s observation that prohibitory orders under Section 144 cannot be used indefinitely to suppress freedom of speech and expression and difference of opinion.

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