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Islamabad, January 18 (KMS) Supporting Pakistan’s principled position on the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), China Friday reiterated that Kashmir was a dispute left from history and it should be properly resolved through relevant United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and bilateral treaties and in a peaceful way.

Responding to a volley of questions by the Indian journalists based in Beijing, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Beijing wanted to play a constructive role and was in contact with both India and Pakistan urging them to enhance dialogue, exercise restraint and work for de-escalation.

The spokesman said China actively participated in UNSC review of Kashmir issue because it wanted to work for de-escalation and regional peace and stability purely out of goodwill.

“But if the Indian side interprets the other way then this could be over interpretation,” said the spokesperson.

“On January 15, the UNSC reviewed Kashmir. During the review process most UNSC members expressed concerns over the current situation and called for restraint and de-escalation and they stressed this issue should be settled in a peaceful and political way through dialogue. Russia is an important member of the UNSC and its position has been fully expressed and reflected. As I understand this is what happened in discussion in New York (UNSC),” said the spokesman.

Earlier, India had asked China not to raise the Kashmir issue at the UN. The spokesman pointed out that both countries had been in touch on China’s position on Kashmir.

To a question from the Times of India that the Kashmir issue had not got much support from the UNSC members, the spokesman responded, “China’s position on Kashmir issue is consistent and clear. This issue is a dispute left from history and it should be properly resolved following the UN Charter, through relevant UNSC resolutions and bilateral treaties and in a peaceful way. And as requested by Pakistan, the UNSC reviewed the Kashmir issue on January 15 and was briefed by the UN Secretariat and UNSC members are concerned about the current situation in Kashmir and they called on relevant parties to observe the UN Charter, international law, and resolve the dispute peacefully through political dialogue, and exercise restraint and work for de-escalation”.

He added that the issue had always been on the UNSC agenda, and it should pay attention to the situation in the IOK based on the latest development, and the review in the UNSC will help de-escalate tension and proper settlement.

“As the permanent member of the UNSC, China will continue to play a constructive role in upholding regional peace and stability and the Indian side should think about it and respond the request from the UNSC members”, he assured.

Another Indian journalist pointed out that the UNSC had not released any statement on the one-hour discussion on Kashmir in the special session.

“On January 15th, there was no statement but China as permanent member participated in the review and what I said about the review and if you think this is not in line with the truth you may refer to other sides. Which members have different views and did not express concerns? If you do not trust our view, you may refer to other sides for truth. India’s attitude and views, we understand them, but what I said was China’s views and stand and I believe India is aware of that. And we have been in contact on that,” he pointed out.

Responding to an invitation from India for Prime Minister Imran Khan to attend the SCO summit in New Delhi, the spokesman said this was a regional cooperation organization and India and Pakistan were both members to it.

“Both countries, we hope, can work together closely under this framework and work for healthy development of this organization and in international and regional affairs. Both are important countries in South Asia we hope they can resolve their differences and disputes through dialogue and improve their relations,” he said.

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