Chandigarh, January 23 (KMS): Veteran Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah while condemning the violence against the student protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has said that if living in India for 70 years does not prove him to be an Indian he doesn’t know what to do.

In a media interview in Chandigarh, Punjab, he said, “I don’t have a birth certificate. I cannot produce one. Does that mean we are all going to be excluded?”

He said he isn’t worried but angry that Indians are being forced by the ruling party to prove their citizenship.

The veteran actor asked why his passport, voter’s ID, driver’s licence and Aadhaar card weren’t enough proof of his citizenship. He said: “I don’t have a birth certificate. I cannot produce one. Does that mean we are all going to be excluded? I do not need any reassurances that Muslims don’t need to be worried. I am not worried. If living here (in India) for 70 years does not prove me to be an Indian, I don’t know what does. I am not afraid, I am not anxious, I am angry”.

He said, “The contempt for students. That is what is hurting me most of all – the contempt for the student community, the contempt for the intellectuals. I suppose, people who never knew what it was like to be a student, or people who never had any intellectual pursuits would consider students or intellectuals to be a pest. It is not surprising that the prime minister has no empathy or compassion for students.”

“There’s no leader in this movement, it’s all spontaneous anger that is arising. If you dismiss the anger of the youth, you are creating dangers for yourself. That’s all I can say,” he added.

About police brutality at Jawaharlal Nehru University) (JNU, Naseeruddin said, “The amazing turnaround of the Delhi police in the face of documentary, video evidence that the injured are blamed. When there’s not a single shot or photograph of any of these students attacking anybody. All you see is visuals of the students being attacked. All you see is visuals of the police in UP brutalising passers-by. All you hear about is that people who have been dead for six years have been charged with rioting. This is what is amiss.”

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