New Delhi, February 02 (KMS): Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union President Aishe Ghosh has said that had the society raised its voice against the scrapping of Article 370, the Indians wouldn’t have to see the day.

Ghosh, who was injured in an attack by masked assailants on students on the campus of JNU in Delhi on January 5, was speaking at a panel discussion on `Students as the Vanguard’ in Mumbai.

“The first attack on our Constitution was when Article 370 was removed in Kashmir. Had we raised our voice then, we would not have had to see this day,” she said, referring to the current situation in India.

“This is not the fight of only students and they cannot end it alone, but they are hoping that every section of society will rise and fight together,” Ghosh said.

“Why do we have to wait for a student to die, to commit suicide, to be killed? Or for an Aishe Ghosh to be hit by an iron rod? This is not just a fight only for students,” she said.

When the history of the current phase of politics in our country is written, the women from Shaheen Bagh and elsewhere in the country who are leading the protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act) will feature prominently, she said.

Being a good student is not about only doing well in examinations, Ghosh said.

“If we are learning democracy in civics, then we need to implement it in society. A student is not someone who just reads about Hitler. Education and being a good student is to see similarities and stop it from happening in India,” she said.

“If we had raised voice then that Islamophobia is existing in our system, the current situation would not have arisen,” Ghosh stated.

During an earlier session, writer-director Rasika Agashe said she was not “scared of” Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah, but she was scared of “hate- filled kids who now have guns”.

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