London, February 06 (KMS): The Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria has said that Indian forces are committing unabated crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir.

Mohammad Nafees Zakaria addressing the audience at the Kashmir Solidarity Day seminar held at the British Parliament, said that Kashmir was an internationally recognized dispute and still on the agenda of the UN Security Council. He informed the audience that over seven decades, many dimensions have been added to it such as grave situation of human rights, risk to the regional security and its bearing on socio-economic condition of the people of the region.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly cautioned the international community that the Indian adventurism could pose incalculable danger to the regional security and beyond.

Briefing on the genesis of the dispute, Mr Zakaria said that the Kashmir dispute was a consequence of the violation of the basic principle of the partition plan and manipulation of the demarcation of boundaries. In this regard, he cited the historical accounts recorded by the British historian Prof. Alastair Lamb, Secretary to the Boundary Commission Sir Christopher Beaumont, Indian Lawyer A G Noorani, and HR Activist Victoria Schofield.

The High Commissioner said that Indian unilateral and illegal actions on 5th August 2019 had led to a humanitarian crisis in IOK due to the siege laid by 900,000 fully armed Indian forces on 8 million defenceless and voiceless Kashmiris. Genocide Watch has issued Genocide Alert for Kashmir. Since 5th August, Kashmiris have remained cut off from the outside world leading to civilian deaths due to shortages of food and medicines, he added.

Mr Zakaria said: “Long trail of torture against innocent Kashmiris has been well-documented by a number of international human rights bodies and organizations. In this regard, International People’s Tribunal (IPT) Report of 2009, entitled ‘Buried Evidence’ about mass graves and Amnesty International report ‘Losing Sight in Kashmir’ about pellet guns victims clearly reveal the ongoing gross human rights violations in IOK.”

Mr Zakaria said, crimes against humanity including mass killings, mass graves, mass rapes, mass blinding in occupied Kashmir and actions taken in the aftermath of 5th August 2019 contravene all relevant international laws and conventions on human rights.

The High Commissioner, while appreciating British parliamentarians’ support, urged immediate and unconditional lifting of the siege, sending of a fact-finding mission and delivery of justice to the Kashmiri victims of Indian atrocities.

The British parliamentarians and other speakers expressed deep concerns over gross human rights violations of the Kashmiris by Indian forces. They urged India to end the lockdown and restore communications network in IOK immediately. The speakers also emphasized on sending a fact-finding mission to IOK so that ground realities of the territory could be known. They called upon the UK government to stand up for protection of human rights of the Kashmiris.

The seminar was organized by the Women Council of Jammu Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International (JKSDMI) team led by its Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain.

Those who attended and spoke at the event included Sardar Masood Khan, President AJK; Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Dame Rosalie Winterton MP; Debbie Abrahams MP, Chairperson of All-Party Parliamentary Kashmir Group; Shadow Secretary of State for Media & Culture, Tracy Brabin MP; Yasmin Qureshi MP; Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Tony Lloyd MP; Lord Qurban Hussain; Shadow Foreign Minister for South Asia, Afzal Khan MP; Lillian Greenwood, MP, and Mohammed Yaseen, MP. Besides, a large number of Kashmiri Diaspora in the UK, especially women and youth along with media representatives, attended the seminar.

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