Islamabad, February 26 (KMS): The Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir People’s Freedom League and former Convener of All parties Hurriyat Conference AJK, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has castigated Modi government in India for unleashing the terror forces and goons of BJP and RSS to thrash and kill the Muslim citizens across India.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmaniin statement issued in Islamabad also condemned the fascist regime for giving a free licence to party goons to loot and burn the properties of Muslims and vandalize mosques, hoist Hindu flags over the minarets in Delhi and else where to crush a peaceful popular uprising against the contentious and anti-Muslim citizenship act and other communal laws.

“The Hindutva nationalist government is determined to force the Muslim citizens out of the country and bring down their ratio as the highest minority of India.” He described it as the racist policy, which is aimed at ethnic cleansing in contravention of the UN laws and the India-Pakistan agreement on minorities.

He said the new citizenship laws were dangerous like those of Kashmir dismemberment laws and the UN and the Muslim world must take cognizance of and stop ethnic cleansing of the Indian Muslims as early as possible. The Muslims must be given guarantee and security to return their homes and all anti-Muslim laws be repealed and educational institutions of the Muslims be safeguarded in the country.

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