Islamabad, Feb 27 (KMS): Prime Minister Imran Khan called upon world to stop ‘Nazi-inspired ideology’ in India amid Kashmir & Citizenship Act unrest.
“India has embraced racist beliefs tantamount to the views espoused by Nazi Germany, and the world must take action to stop the country’s Muslim minority from being ‘targeted,’ Imran Khan said this in a series of tweets about ongoing violence in Delhi between supporters and opponents of India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The unrest has caused the deaths of at least 20 people.

In follow-up posts, the Pakistani leader said he had warned that India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status would lead to greater religion-fueled bloodshed in the region.
“Now 200 million Muslims in India are being targeted. The world community must act now,” said Khan.
He ended his incendiary remarks by warning his countrymen that any non-Muslims targeted in Pakistan would be dealt with “strictly,” stressing that religious minorities are “equal citizens.”

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