Islamabad, Feb 29 (KMS): Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said he had been stating repeatedly that Modi’s Hindu supremacist agenda was akin to the Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s, while the major powers appeased Hitler.
In tweets, the prime minister said, “As I have stating repeatedly, Modi’s Hindu supremacist agenda is akin to the Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s while the major powers appeased Hitler. Modi conducted pogrom of Muslims in Gujarat as CM & now we are seeing the same in New Delhi”.

He also wrote, “Images coming out of Muslim homes & businesses being burnt, Muslims being beaten & killed, mosques & graveyards being burnt & desecrated are similar to the Jews fleeing the pogrom in Nazi Germany. The world must accept this brutal reality of the Modi fascist racist regime & stop it”.
A clip was also uploaded on his Twitter account, which is about Priya Gopal, Lecturer at Cambridge Uni, who likens attack on Muslims, their mosques, homes & businesses in New Delhi to the pogrom of the Jews carried out by the Nazis, esp in 1938 – the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) when Nazis attacked Jews, their synagogues, homes, businesses.

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