Targeted by BJP-RSS Kashmiris under threat in India

Srinagar, April 19 (KMS): The Kashmiris are under a threat in India as they have become unsafe after increase in the attacks on them by the goons associated with Bharatiya Janata Party and Rashtriya Swayamsavek Sangh in every nook and corner of the Modi’s extremist India.

This has been said in an analytical report issued by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today. The report pointed out that over a thousand detainees including Hurriyet leaders, men and women, politicians, lawyers, activists, youth, students and journalists are lodged in prisons outside occupied Kashmir amid fast spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The report said that Hurriyat detainees had been lodged in Indian jails in a total hostile environment only for just punishment. “They are being subjected to torture, violence, humiliation and inhuman behaviour, which poses a great threat to their life, security and honour,” the report added. In this regard, it made a particular mention of the Kashmiri detainees lodged in Tihar Jail, New Delhi, with murderers, drug smugglers and other dangerous criminals belonging to Hindu fanatic groups.

The repeated appeals by the relatives and human rights organisations for the release of the prisoners amid the global emergency triggered by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic have fallen on flat on deaf ears of the Indian authorities, the report deplored.

Besides the detainees, the report emphasised, Kashmiri students, labourers and traders, who have been stranded in India due to coronavirus lockdown, are facing growing attacks by the BJP and RSS goons. It said that since Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party are believers of Hindutva, a Hindu-supremacy agenda, these goons have been emboldened enough to attack and torture Kashmiri Muslims across India at free will. Modi’s ministers and party members are constantly spewing hatred against the Muslims of India and Jammu and Kashmir. BJP’s anti-Muslim & anti-Kashmir rhetoric has made Muslims, particularly Kashmiris unsafe in India. Every other day, they are attacked, targeted and tortured in the length and breadth of India, the report added. They are harassed, tortured and even jailed on fake charges. Even female students are not spared.

The report cited Abraaz Mushtaq, a Kashmiri female student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, wh said, when she leaves her residence for university her landlord asks her tauntingly ” Aray, Pakistan jarai ho kya” (Are you going to Pakistan?). It also referred to the arrest of a group of IOK students at Pathankot despite the fact that they were coming from Mohali on valid transit passes. The detained Kashmiris were identified as Hamid Gauri, Ali Mohammed Raina, Urfee Jaan, Aasma Hamid, Mohammuddin, Mufzar, and Ansari Butt.

Such anti-Kashmiris’ moves have also revealed India’s true face to the world and have evoked widespread condemnation both locally and globally.

The award-winning writer and rights activist, Arundhati Roy in a media interview in New Delhi said that the Indian government was exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to inflame tensions between Hindus and Muslims. Roy even said: “The situation is approaching genocidal.” “This crisis of hatred against Muslims [in India],” she continued, “comes on the back of a massacre in Delhi, which was the result of people protesting against the anti-Muslim citizenship law,” she said.

A Saudi scholar, Abidi Zahrani, expressing his concerns over hatred against Muslims, said that militant Hindus who were spreading hatred and committing crimes against Muslims should be sent back [from Gulf States] to India. In a tweet, Zahrani has said that Gulf States host millions of Indians, some of whom are infected with COVID-19, are treated free of charge regardless of their faith while fascist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu terrorist gangs while following the Hindutva agenda are committing crimes against its own Muslim citizens.

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