Islamabad, April 20 (KMS): The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has expressed great concern over India’s demographic and administrative onslaught on Kashmir as a separate historic and geographic entity in the name of the so-called Reorganisation Act 2020.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a statement issued in Islamabad said that the purpose of the Reorganisation Act 2020 was to wipe out Kashmir from the international map as a world conflict under numerous Security Council resolutions following the Partition in 1947.

He said that the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres should take cognizance of the violations of the Modi government in Kashmir and through Security Council and General Assembly urge the Indian government to withdraw all the laws and actions adopted and implemented on or after 5th August 2019 in occupied Kashmir.

He said the UN Secretary General has great international responsibility and clout to draw attention of the member states to the grim reality in Kashmir and compel India to honour its international commitments vis-a-vis Kashmir dispute. Instead of addressing the burning challenge of the COVID-19 to India’s 1.5 billion impoverished population, the Modi government has diverted its all public, administrative and military resources to conquering Kashmir.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani denounced India for taking extreme and draconian steps in the disputed territory and emphasised the UN Secretary General to censure India and compel it to repeal such laws and withdraw their notifications. The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken some significant steps during the last 10 days. They are:-

 Five hundred thousand Hindu families of non-state resident character of West Pakistan get domicile. All the universities of Kashmir brought under the control of Delhi. Hindu shrines under the central control.

 Delhi empowered to take suo moto notice and control of properties of Hindus who left in 1990.

 Control taken over of all Golfs & other Clubs in J&K.

 Role of Kashmir CM in the university affairs reduced to zero.

 Kashmiri political detainees can no longer be kept in IOK jails.

 No Secretariat move in future. It may be permanently kept in Jammu.

He said that the greatest and most fatal blow to the identity and unity of Jammu and Kashmir was its demographic change through Hindutva onslaught and as it happened in Palestine, it could not be prevented and saved without any game changing move in the region or by any international intervening by the United Nations.

He added that from every angel, Modi regime’s steps had similarities with the Nazi doctrine of the 20 the century before the WW11 Germany. Hitler wanted racist genocide and today Modi with the help of RSS/BJP aims at the same racist and ethnic genocide of Kashmiri Muslims in Kashmir and genocide of the Indian Muslims across India by lynching and thrashing them.

Farooq Rehmani deplored that the Indian racist Hindu regime was following the footsteps of Hitler of Germany and in the modern times it had collaboration with the Zionist Israel to wipe out the Kashmiris and the Indian Muslims from the global demographic map. So, the world must realise that the Modi regime is focusing more on the genocide of the Muslim population of the country and the Kashmiri Muslims than the novel coronavirus, he added.

While facing the challenge of the COVID-19, the UN or other world organisations should not underestimate the danger in Kashmir or threat to the existence of the Muslims the greatest minority of India, he maintained.

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