Islamabad, April 20 (KMS): The Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party has urged the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) to use his diplomatic clout and address the deteriorating situation in occupied Kashmir.

The DFP Acting President, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar in a letter addressed to the UN Secretary General, highlighted the precarious situation in the territory. He said, “At a time when civilized world is hectically engaged in a war against COVID-19 the Indian government is remorselessly hatching conspiracies to subjugate Kashmiris”. “Kashmiris, who have endured eight-month long suffocating military siege and information blockade are now subjected to collective punishment by Indian authorities”, Saghar said, adding that the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately became a new tool for the Indian occupation authorities to harass and humiliate Kashmiris.

India army troops, he said, were now haunting people especially the corona-affected patients in the valley by using their phone records, ATM histories and other information. Referring to Article 12 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he said the surveillance abuse by the army constitute a direct infringement of people’s right to privacy stated. The intensive surveillance being practiced under the garb of corona pandemic, he said, has created a fear psychosis, which is unwarranted and unfair to the people who continue to bear the brunt of reckless use of violence by the occupying state.

“Even in this pandemic of epic proportions there is no letup in Kashmir violence as arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings and military crackdowns and nocturnal raids by the Indian army continue unabated”, the DFP leader said adding that Civilian population was being harassed and humiliated by the occupation forces under the pretext of corona-pandemic

“On the other hand there are thousands of Kashmiris including political activists, lawyers, human rights activists, who continue to languish in different jails, torture cells/interrogation centers in and outside the valley of Kashmir”, the communiqué said.

Saghar further stated that India had brazenly refused to heed the United Nations’ calls for the release of prisoners.

Seeking the UN chief’s attention towards the recently introduced changes in domicile law he said, “In the midst of the Corona crisis, the government of India, in stark violation of the UN resolutions, made drastic changes in the domicile law to pave way for non-state-subjects (outsiders) to settle in Kashmir permanently”. This arbitrary constitutional onslaught on the state by New Delhi, he said, has triggered a fury in Kashmir leaving inhabitants completely shell-shocked and traumatized.

“The law fraught with serious political ramification is seen by locals as a conspiracy to change the demography of the state and depriving them of their resources, jobs, identity, cultural, land and above all the promised right of self-determination”, he said.

He pointed out that a cross section of Kashmiri society including Muslims, Hindus and Dogras had expressed their strong resentment over the redefinition of domicile rules and termed it as anti-Kashmir law.

He said that the actions were part of India’s grand plan to alter the internationally recognized disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and to change the demography of Kashmir. He said that the newly introduced residence law by the government had further deepened the fear of a demographic takeover as Indian Minister for Internal Affairs had already announced to create separate townships to carve out Hindu-majority areas in and around Srinagar, which he apprehended, could be expanded further to rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said a series of laws enacted in Jammu and Kashmir by India, especially after 5th August 2019, flagrantly violate the United Nations resolutions that strictly restrict and restrain occupying states from altering demographic character of occupied area.

Saghar appealed the UN Secretary to take effective notice of the situation in Kashmir and impress upon India to stop constitutional onslaught against Kashmiris and revoke all these laws which violate the United Nations resolutions.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Employees Movement, Imtiaz Wani in a statement issued in Islamabad said that the Indian troops had intensified their atrocities in occupied Kashmir and were killing innocent youth during the so-called siege and search operations.

He said that the people of the occupied territory had been facing severe problems due to the continued lockdown imposed by the Indian government for last eight months. He deplored that India had increased its state terrorism in occupied Kashmir.

Imtiaz Wani drew the attention of the international community towards the rapidly spreading epidemic of the corona virus in occupied Kashmir and demanded immediate release of all illegally detained Hurriyat leaders and activists languishing in different jails of India and the occupied territory.

He also urged the United Nations to take notice of the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and settle the lingering Kashmir dispute according to the UN resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

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