India snatching Kashmiris’ identity: Report

Implementing its settle colonial plan in phased manner

Islamabad, May 02 (KMS): The RSS-backed fascist Modi government is practically implementing in phased manner its settler-colonial plan in occupied Kashmir on the Israeli pattern to deprive the Kashmiris of their identity and homeland, thus turning Kashmir into another Palestine.

An analytical report released, today, by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, the communal Modi regime started its nefarious plan on August 05, last year, by repealing Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution that granted special status and rights to occupied Kashmir and its residents. The report said that the abrogation of theses constitutional provisions was aimed at allowing the Indian Hindus to get permanently settled in the territory, thus turning the Muslim majority into minority.

The report said that the Modi government also extended several federal laws including new domicile rules to occupied Kashmir. It pointed out the granting of domicile status to 300,000 Hindus in Jammu, in gross violation of the UN resolutions and the international law, is the first major step in this direction. It said that the Kashmiri people fear that more than 800,000 Indian soldiers and over 600,000 migrant labourers present in the territory might also be granted the domicile status in the days to come.

“Kashmiri Muslims are hounded by Hindutva forces in every part of India. These communal forces have devised a plan to carry out genocide of Kashmiris. BJP regime is implementing anti-Muslim policies in Kashmir and replacing the Muslim names of important places with Hindu names,” the report added.

It further maintained that the BJP and RSS wanted fulfillment of their long-held desire of total merger of occupied Kashmir in India and wanted to establish Hindu civilization in the territory. However, it said that brave Kashmiris had always resisted all anti-Kashmiri moves by India in the past and would foil these fresh nefarious designs as well and would prefer death over becoming slaves of Hindu fanatic forces.

The report said that it was high time for the global community to take cognizance of India’s actions in occupied Kashmir and hold it accountable for violating the international laws in Kashmir.

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