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Islamabad, May 17 (KMS): The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has appealed to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OiC) to take up robustly before the United Nations the question of Jammu and Kashmir, the ordeal of the people after 5th August, 2019, heinous crimes by Indian forces inside and along the Line of Control even during the attack of COVID-19 for immediate focus on grave humanitarian issues.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a statement issued in Islamabad said Pakistan as the advocate of the rights of the Kashmiris and member of the OIC has already brought in the notice of the organization the flagrant human rights violations of Indian troops in Kashmir. Now, he said, under the given conditions the OIC can frame a line of action to invoke the relevant UN clauses to spotlight the illegal political changes brought about India for its novel programme of converting the Muslim majority state into a Hindu State.

He said that today is the 287th day of siege of Kashmir under the draconian laws to keep the occupied territory off the international radar screen for hoodwinking the world opinion wiping out the acknowledged diplomatic agenda of the peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute. He said, “As the Kashmiris we firmly believe that earlier these enormities were set in motion by the Modi Hindutva regime in the final days of July 2019 by the history’s ever black military operations, adding more fuel to fire by the coronavirus lockdown in February, followed by gross and flagrant killing of a highly educated young leader and teacher Imtiaz Naykoo in South Kashmir in May, now fiercely tightening the savagery around the people, targeting innocent citizens like Merajuldin shah, one after another in one part or the other to create public fear; so that the Kashmiris are forced to sell their property to migrate from the ancestral land and country.”

He warned the world that India had thrust and perpetuated 3 lockdowns and curfews one after the other: 5th August, 2019, COVID-19 lockdown Riaz Naikoo murder-lockdown & curfew. He said the enormity of one was fiercer than the other and the brutalities were now being given cover of the coronavirus lockdown. Even ordinary deaths were seen from the prism of the novel coronavirus, only a few individuals were allowed to take the funeral to the graveyard, he added.

Farooq Rehmani said there was no medical relief or treatment provided to the people in siege. As per the targeted youth and deaths in police custody, everyone was being treated as a stone-pelter and his body was tied to iron chains, mutilated and dragged on earth and finally thrown in a grave of their own police choice.

He said rest of the population was like prisoners in their homes- men, women, children and the army and police breaking into the houses at will in the name of search operations, killing and committing atrocities with impunity. Under the fresh unbridled orders and draconian laws the police and military agencies believe to have immunity, he added.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani appealed to the OIC Secretary General, who is fully aware of the internal human rights situation of occupied Kashmir, to take up the matter with the members and UN and human rights organizations for necessary line of action in this regard.

He said that there were genuine apprehensions about Indian Hindutva authorities being ready to entail and accomplish their nefarious designs to destroy the majority Muslim demographic order of the territory and the world shouldn’t underestimate or ignore Indian intentions in Jammu and Kashmir, Muslim areas of India and at large the Arab world.

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