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Islamabad, June 03 (KMS): APHC-AJK leader and the Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League, Zahid Ashraf, has condemned the continued killings of innocent Kashmiri youth by Indian troops across occupied Kashmir.

Zahid Ashraf in a statement issued in Islamabad, today, lambasted the Modi regime for resorting to relentless bloodshed and genocide of Kashmiris to fulfill its hideous agenda of Hindu Rashtra. He said that Kashmir was a victim of that rabid communal mindset which was willing to eliminate any and every voice that might echo against their evil obsession.

Zahid Ashraf said that it was this very obsession that was making India to make senseless forays into territories of its neighbours, Pakistan, Nepal and China. However, India must know that its vicious designs were only bringing near its own doom, the recent encounters in Ladakh and on the Nepalese territory had only reaped odium as Indian forces not only lost Galwan Valley in Ladakh but were given a bloody nose by the ill-armed, albeit patriotic Nepalese Army.

Zahid Ashraf appealed to the UN and the civilized world to take strong notice of the killing of Kashmiri youth and the cross border intrusions of the maverick communal regime that posed a serious threat to peace and stability of the region. He warned that inaction and indifference of the international community would have disastrous consequences as the fascist Modi regime was unpredictable and blinded by communal frenzy, it could plunge South Asia into an apocalypse, incinerating the region and reducing the fabric of international peace and stability to ashes.

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