Srinagar, June 09 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, no matter all including youth, elders and children are playing their part in the struggle against Indian occupation, the role and sacrifices of the Kashmiri women in the way of freedom cause are no less than others.

The role played by the Kashmiri women in the freedom movement is an unforgettable chapter as they have been standing shoulder to shoulder with men providing support and encouragement to them in every phase of the struggle.

During the last thirty years, although hundreds of women have been martyred and thousands molested by Indian troops but they have remained resolute and steadfast in the fight against occupation. Despite facing immense hardships and difficulties, the Kashmiri women continue to encourage their mujahid sons and brothers engaged in the freedom struggle.

The latest example of providing this passion, energy and inspiration was witnessed when mujahid Saqlain was caught in a cordon and search operation launched by the troops in Shopian. Getting a feeling that he could be martyred by the troops in the operation, Saqlain contacted his family in the middle of the encounter to have a last chat with them. During the telephonic talk, his mother not only urged him to continue fighting but also kept him exhorting not to let the troops to catch him alive.

The audio recording of this mother-son last minute chat has been making rounds on social media in which mujahid Saqlain’s mother even though knowing well that her son could fell to the bullets of the troops anytime could be heard telling him to carry on the fight and keep attacking the enemy. The mother kept praying for the success and safety of her son and at the same time kept him assuring that Allah’s help would be on his side. Saqlain on his part in spite of knowing that his end is near could be heard giving solace to her mother and talking about teaching the enemy a lesson. The chat continued minutes before the martyrdom of Saqlain.

This heroic conversation between a mother and her son recalls the memories of Karbala and early Islamic period when mothers would exhort their sons in the battlefields.

The role of Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters in the ongoing freedom struggle is indeed worth to be written with golden letters.

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