Islamabad, June 16 (KMS): The Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League, Zahid Ashraf, has strongly condemned killing of three more youth by Indian troops in Shopian, today.

Zahid Ashraf in a statement in Islamabad said that rabid anti-Muslim Modi regime’s imperial mindset had taken a cancerous form which if not surgically removed was certain to eat up and endanger the peace of entire south Asian region.

He said that this regime had developed a nasty revulsion for any young voice challenging its tyrannical and expansionist design, and driven by this hatred it was showing ruthlessness in killing any such voice. However, the Saffron Brigade must know that the devotion and urge for freedom of Kashmiri youth was unconquerable and no amount of oppression could ever break their will. “The decision of this valiant nation to achieve freedom from the Indian yoke is final and irreversible and no power on earth can force it to abandon its grand and noble pursuit,” he said.

Zahid Ashraf said that India must learn the basic lesson of human nature n history and come to terms with the Kashmiris’ invincible passion for freedom as its intransigence would only bring about its own doom. He paid rich tributes to the martyred youth and said that they were the heroes of Kashmiri masses and would be remembered for ever for their grand ultimate sacrifice. He added that the Kashmiris would never let the sacred blood of these martyrs go waste and would render every sacrifice to take the freedom movement to its logical conclusion.

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