Srinagar, June 26 (KMS): The ill treatment meted out to Kashmiris, who recently returned to their homes in occupied Kashmir via Wagah-Attari border, at the hands of Indian officials speaks volumes without saying a word. This was strikingly different that these Kashmiris witnessed on the Pakistani side.

These Kashmiris narrating their ordeal while talking to their relatives in Pakistan and in the occupied territory, said that the time they entered into the Indian side of the border, they were humiliated at every point. They maintained, be it at immigration desk at Attari, checking of their luggage or the arrangement of buses, at all places they were treated with contempt and disrespect by the Indian officials. Even the older people and the women folk were disparaged, they added.

They said that the transport provided by the Indian authorities for their long travel to Srinagar was in very poor condition. They pointed out what to talk of air-conditioning facility, the buses that were pushed into service for the purpose, were very old, most of these buses had broken seats, broken windows and broken sides. Some even complained that they were not allowed to have a break to eat or drink or to go to bathrooms during their lengthy journey. The travelers said that due to the lack of facilities and humid and hot weather some older people having underlying ailments got fainted but there was no one to provide relief to them.

In contrast to this, the Kashmiri travellers said that Pakistan arranged free of charge special air-conditioned coaches which carried them to the Wagah border. They also said that the Pakistani officials at the Wagah border were extremely friendly and helpful towards them. Pertinently, hundreds of these Kashmiris had gotten stuck in Pakistan due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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