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Islamabad, July 01 (KMS): Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Chairman J&K People’s Freedom League and former Convener APHC-AJK chapter has said that there’s no doubt towards escalating and precipitate the demographic invasion over the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir by India whose enormities seem beyond focus and questioning of the present word order.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a statement issued in Islamabad said, a multi-edged sword to decimate the population of the Kashmiris in their own land-locked native country by the Hindutva India, like those of Palestinians by Israel is hovering over the heads the Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir.

A death toll of about three hundred thousands of Jammu Muslims was taken when the RSS and Maharaja’s military took to genocide in October and November, 1947, in the wake of the partition of India into Pakistan and India by the Britain.”

He warned that the newly-adopted illegitimate act of granting domicile to thousands of Indians in its beginning phase was a cruel joke with the international law, Geneva Convention, UNCIP resolutions and the Pakistan-India agreements and was violating flagrantly the international humanitarian law.

The Indian government which is following the colonial-settler policy of Israel looks unmindful to the calls of various world organizations like the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, European Union, OIC, etc in this regard has plunged the Muslim majority illegally occupied region in the wood- fire of nakedly state-guided killing-spree, he stated.

He added that the inhabitants were in no manner prepared to sell their land to the outsiders and had resolved to resist the forcible occupation, sale-deed or any such step or illegal procedure not binding on them ever under the permanent State Resident law in vogue since 1927( its illegal repeal has no public or international sanction). He said the Indian Hindutva-Company of Modi, was taking the benefit of the Covid-19 and abrogation of the Article 370 and 35 A to grant illicit citizenship rights to the Indians (outsiders), who had no historical or geographical rights to do so. It must be underscored that the innocent children or youth were offering daily sacrifices to safeguard their fundamental rights and their inalienable right—the right to self-determination and freedom.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that even the Mughal rulers of India, who had ruled Jammu and Kashmir during the 16 and 17 centuries; did not trespass upon the property rights of the Kashmiris in an age of conquests and occupations. The resistance to the foreign invasion was amazingly marvelous and unpredictable as of now. The Kashmir, he stated is inhabited by the Kashmiris since past many unknown centuries of their history and the modern times of universal concept of nation states and democracies confirmed and validated their sole rights on this region to safeguard their rights and preserve their identity.

He said India’s Hindutva Modi regime is the 1st regime of its nature to breach this law to inaugurate a brutal aggression on the people’s land and property rights and the age-old Muslim identity of Jammu and Kashmir. The Modi regime has tried to break the historical communal harmony between the Muslim and non-Muslim inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir by her bigotry and malicious designs.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani strongly condemned the Indian army and police for brutally killing this morning an aged man named Bashir Ahmad Khan in Sopore, in whose arms is seen a child, having a narrow escape.

It indicates India’s days are numbered in Kashmir and no military ruthlessness can save Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir.

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