Muhammad Farooq Rehmani elaborates 5 August ramifications on Kashmir
Islamabad, July 30 (KMS): “As if, India had not accomplished all the evil designs of conquering and occupying the territory of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh during the past 72 years, that it explored an another way of invading, fragmenting and merging the vast swathes and its people in India bringing in hordes of foreign, subduing the Kashmiris and grabbing their properties; pushing in Indians to settle in their place under a noval domicile law, hitherto unknown to the inhabitants.

This is how began the enslavement of the Kashmiris on 5 August, 2019, says Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League & ex-Convener All Parties Hurriyat Conference AJK/Pakistan Chapter. In his reaction to all such laws that are being enforced in Kashmir without any regard for the International laws and agreements since last 5 August, he said, “the people of the dismembered State have been enslaved in the real sense and their forcible evacuation to clear land and houses for new settlers and occupation of non-state residents has taken place. This is how the Kashmiri Muslim demography is being demolished, changed for colonization of J&K. The so called Republic of India is enforcing this against the thousands of years of old Himalyan land-locked abode of saints- supposed to be crown of Asia with its unique history and civilization.’’

He said, ‘’ 5 August, 2019, was thrust as a nightmare by Indian Hindutva fascist regime on the State that has not ended as yet. Horrible days and nights of the present history as designed by Delhi are continuing and India making and implementing any law to enslave its inhabitants to pave way for the outsiders. The illegal and immoral announcement in the parliament of India began with all ugly and dreadful steps such as, ban on internet, mobile phones, print or electronic media, all freedoms of assembly and association, speech, prayers in mosques including Friday and Eid worshiping congregations; jails and interrogation centres of army and police were opened to arrest and detain thousands of youth or teenaged across India in high security prisons, leaving their mothers behind lamenting and moaning for the forcibly disappeared innocent children.

The worst lockdown, curfew, crack-down, and brutal arrests and killings that Jammu and Kashmir witnessed (is witnessing) was later carried out in the name Covid-19. Other Kashmiri communities may not have realized its consequences in the beginning but in the long run the draconian Indian laws are going to hit non-Muslim minorities of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu regions as the new settlements and new employments are ensuring and encouraging Indian capitalists and laboring classes to settle in the dismembered State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian army which had already occupied all agriculturally and industrially important areas of the State is now acquiring more and more land for its service-men in the State.”

He said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken more steps during the last 10 days,

To grant 5 lakh Hindu-Sikh families J&K domiciles.

  1. Kashmir has lost control over all Universities including J&K National Law University.

  2. Kashmir lost control over Hindu shrines.

  3. Competent authority empowered to take Suo Motu Notice and evict encroachers from properties Hindus left behind in Kashmir in 1990.

  4. Kashmir lost control over all Golf and other clubs in J&K.

  5. Role of Kashmir CM in University Affairs reduced to zero.

  6. Legal protection to so called anti-nationals in J&K granted, 42 years ago, revoked. Now, those facing Public Safety Act, 1978, can be put in any jail outside J&K.

  7. No secretariat Move for now from Jammu to Kashmir or secretariat will continue to function in Jammu.

  8. All Universities now directly controlled by New Delhi and curriculum in these universities to be modified away from being Kashmir centric.

  9. The J&K Waqf Board Auqaf has been taken over by New Delhi and all its assets, which till now were created by contributors and Niyaz from Kashmiri Muslims, have been taken over by New Delhi and will be controlled by them.

  10. New Delhi has empowered local administration to evict locals from properties they might have purchased from pundits. Sale deeds could be nullified.

  11. Not only Golf forces but all forest lands and tourists development authorities are now directly controlled by New Delhi. They can issue, allot, lease or provide prime land and facilities to anybody from India now.

  12. J&K CM has been reduced to number 15 on the warrant of precedence from earlier.

  13. All nominations of J&K CM from University boards or Waqf Boards have been removed.

  14. All Kashmiri IAS officers have been posted in less important positions, while non-local officials are running the administration from Jammu.

  15. Land banks of thousands of Canals have been indefinite and earmarked in different districts of Kashmir to be allotted to non state subjects in the name of “investment and industry”.

  16. He said all these months the Home Ministry of India remained much quiet in Corona fight as it silently enforced these actions in Jammu and Kashmir. The state as now is a colony of India and the people of Kashmir are alone fighting against colonization and annexation of Jammu and Kashmir to finally get the right of self determination and freedom.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that all such draconian laws amounted to breach of people’s rights, promises made with the Kashmiris, bilateral agreements between Pakistan and India, international laws and the United Nations resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir and therefore the United Nations should eschew its silence and invoke not only the charter and resolutions but should take immediate measures to prevent India from colonizing Jammu and Kashmir and enforcing its laws on Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The Indian fascist Hindutva regime has jeopardized peace and peaceful life of the people of the disputed state. Hence all the member states of the world body should with one voice call upon India to withdraw its draconian laws and restore Kashmir status as before to pave way for peace and peaceful resolution of the dispute in accordance with the urges and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.’’

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