No compromise on Kashmir, nuclear programme: Shehryar Afridi

Islamabad, August 22 (KMS): The Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir, Shehryar Khan Afridi has reiterated that Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmir and its nuclear deterrence programme, come what may.

Shehryar Khan Afridi in a media interview in Islamabad, today, said, “There is complete consensus among all the political parties of Pakistan at all levels on these two issues and no one can ever compromise on Kashmir and nuclear programme.”

He was of the view that these two issues were inalienable part of country’s strategic policies and termed them as vital for foundations and ideology of Pakistan.

He said that all 220 million Pakistanis stand firm with their Kashmiri brethren in their just struggle for right to self-determination, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan, as ambassador of Kashmir, has highlighted India’s Illegal occupation of the Jammu and Kashmir at all forums and resultantly the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Turkey, Iran and Malaysia played exemplary role in raising the voice for Kashmiris.

Likewise, he said, there had been increased activities at the United Nations as three closed-door meetings/consultations of the Security Council have been held so far since August 5, 2019, which, on one side, shows intensified efforts by the Pakistani government and, on the other, the importance of resolving Kashmir dispute for enduring peace and security.

He termed the August 5, 2019 unilateral decisions by India as illegal and violations of its own Constitution, bilateral agreements and international laws, saying that Pakistan would raise its voice at different international forums..

He was of the view that India could not withstand Kashmiris’ resolve and steadfastness and urged them to remain vigilant and determined; and do not succumb to Indian propaganda, hybrid war and 5th generation war.

He assured them that Pakistan was committed to support them. “We will become you vice and stand with you in all situations,” he added.

He said that India currently was facing isolation in the region and even the countries that were considered to be close to India have raised their concerns against its expansionist designs in the region.

He said that the Modi’s fascist government was not any threat to nuclear Pakistan which has ability to give befitting response to Indian misadventure as has been done in past. However, he said, the current Indian regime definitely would bring India to catastrophe, hence the sane voice of India should rise against this regime for their own country’s sake.

He said India has suffered disgraceful defeat by China at Laddakh and advised it not to repeat this mistake.

He said that Modi’s fascist government has been resorting to all types of violations and was engaged is gross human rights violations all across India, frustrating the secular ideology of India.

Likewise, occupation and particularly the August 5th measures have badly tarnished India’s so-called secular face, which he said would be further exposed by Pakistan, he added.

Afradi, however, lamented that despite being on the United Nations agenda for over 7 decades, the issue of Kashmir is still unresolved.

He said that the prime minister in his address on this forum last year had clearly pointed out towards United Nations that it was now sole responsibility of this big forum to resolve this issue peacefully.

He said that unresolved Kashmir issue poses great threat to peace and security of the world, hence it was responsibility of all the world powers to get it resolved peacefully.

He termed the releasing of new demographic map of Pakistan as a big achievement of the government, saying that it was now being shown at international media channels.

Talking about the role of Kashmir Committee, he said it gives recommendations to the government, keeps contact with Azad Kashmir leadership, their youth, academic and people from various walks of life.

Kashmir Committee, in cooperation with Foreign Office of Pakistan, remains in touch with Kashmiri Diaspora and raises voice at various international fora.

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