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Srinagar, September 30 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Chairman Shabbir Ahmed Dar and International Forum for Justice and Human Rights Chief Mohammed Ahsan Untoo have demanded imposition of sanctions against India for its inhuman treatment to all those who are at the receiving end of the Modi led fascist regime.               

Shabbir Dar and Ahsan Untoo said this in a joint statement issued in Srinagar in response to the Amnesty International’s announcement to halt its operations in India over harassment of its staff by the Modi government. They urged the international community to vehemently reject New Delhi’s demand for a permanent seat of the UN Security Council as its stand is absurd and unrealistic amid allegation leveled by highly reputed global human rights watchdog like Amnesty International.

“This is a serious matter as it directly affects the lives of millions of people in India and Jammu and Kashmir,” they added.

“The Amnesty International has been reporting about the human rights abuses in Kashmir and India. The height of intimidation is that their bank accounts have been frozen, which is state interference and intimidation and it proves that India is not respecting international laws and violating its commitment to human rights that it made during the first meeting of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.”

Shabbir Ahmad Dar and Muhammad Ahsan Untoo said, the present dispensation in New Delhi is involved in serious crimes against religious minorities schedule casts, civil society members and honest media persons as well.

“The recent report by the United Nations Human Rights chief and other reports should serve as eye-openers for the international community and the United Nations and a process must be initiated to impose sanctions against India so that justice is done to all those who have been at the receiving end of the fascist Modi regime.

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