Pakistanis and Kashmiris are inseparable


Islamabad, October 10 (KMS): Pakistanis and Kashmiris share strong religious, cultural and historical bonds and no power on earth can damage their oneness.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Pakistani flags in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir demonstrate what the Kashmiris want; they want to see Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. It said slogan of ‘Kashmir Baney Ga Pakistan’ is the voice of every Kashmiri Muslim.

“Kashmir is to become a part of Pakistan and no power on earth can stop it. Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir are incomplete without each other. Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan,” it said.

The report maintained that the entire Pakistani nation stands with the Kashmiris and brave sons of the country are ready to defend Pakistan as well as their brothers and sisters in IIOJK. Pakistanis will never leave struggling people of IIOJK alone, it said.

“Valiant people and armed forces of Pakistan are ready to sacrifice anything for their Kashmiri brethren. Pakistani armed forces will fulfill their commitment towards Kashmir till last bullet and soldier. Pakistan will go to any extent in support of oppressed people of IIOJK,” it added.

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