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Brussels, October 16 (KMS): Speakers of a webinar have emphasized that Kashmiri diaspora should follow the changing situation in the world due to coronavirus and should enhance online contacts among them to effectively raise the voice of oppressed Kashmiri at the global level.

The online seminar titled “Achievements, Failures and Shortcomings – the Future Strategy,” was organized by Brussels-based Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU).

The seminar was addressed by President of Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights, Dr Syed Nazir Gilani, ex-member of European Parliament, Shaffaq Mohammad, prominent intellectual and researcher from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Irshad Mahmood, Professor Nazir Tabbasum from UK, representative of Financial Daily International, Dr Mumtaz Hussain Khyal and President of Nida-e- Kashmir, Spain, Raja Mukhtar Soni. Chaudhry Khalid Joshi was also among the prominent participants of the web-based seminar.

The speakers urged the government of Pakistan to efficiently raise the Kashmir dispute at the international forums including UN Security Council and General Assembly.

Dr Nazir Gilani said, Indian act of 5th August 2019 caused major pro-Indian Kashmir political parties against the Indian government. India not only annulled the special status of Kashmir but also dissolved the assembly of the occupied territory and even is trying to eliminate the identity of Kashmir for demographic changing in IIOJK.

He said, as rights of the people of the Kashmir are being ruined by the Indian forces, there is need to once again raise the Kashmir dispute in the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly. He said, “UN resolutions are tool for us. Beside the UN resolution on Kashmir, UN publishes its reports on the severe situation in IIOJK.”

Researcher and intellectual from Azad Kashmir, Irshad Mahmood said, Kashmiri diaspora in the western countries can make bridge as they can approach UN organizations, NGOs, civil societies and other influential circles. Kashmiris should strength their connections to raise the Kashmir dispute essentially, he added. The issue should be raised at international forums and Kashmiri diaspora can play important role in the context, Irshad Mahmood maintained.

About continuation of Pakistan’s principle stance on Kashmir, he said, “We should emphasize over Pakistan to continue its basic policy on Kashmir according to the Article 257 of Pakistan’s Constitution, which emphasizes on relation with the Kashmiris. The Article 257 determines about the relations of Pakistan with the Kashmiris.”

The former MEP, Shaffaq Mohammed said, unity among the Kashmiris is essential for raising the Kashmir dispute successfully, especially it is very important for spreading the message of Kashmiris among the international community.

Kashmir diaspora should make useful contacts with the rulers and people of their host countries and aware them about the Indian atrocities against the oppressed people of the occupied territory.

The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU), Ali Raza Syed said, unity among the Kashmiris is very important and there should be a useful strategy to raise Kashmir dispute at the international level. He added that KC-EU had, so far, tried to raise the dispute through various meetings, seminars, conferences and gatherings in the different countries of Europe and the efforts had positive outcome, so far.

Professor Nazir Tabbasum said, “This is a historical turn and we should avoid any step which damages the Kashmir cause. We should focus on that how we can increase the awareness on Kashmir dispute.”

Dr Mumtaz Hussain from Italy and Raja Mukhtar Soni from Spain also spoke on the occasion.

The speakers said, Kashmiris should also adopt a strategy in accordance with situation concerning coronavirus. “We should strength online connections with each other to deal the circumstances,” they maintained.

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