Hurriyat forum calls for shutdown in IIOJK on Saturday

India’s anti-Kashmiri moves strongly denounced

Srinagar, October 28 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Hurriyat forum led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has called for complete shutdown on Saturday to register protest against Modi government’s designs to change the demographic composition of the territory.

The Hurriyat forum in a statement in Srinagar strongly denounced the incessant anti-people orders being issued by the government of India at frequent intervals to intimidate and psychologically torture the people of the territory. It said that this imperialistic approach of New Delhi was bound to fail.

The forum reiterated its principled stand of engagement and dialogue among stakeholders for resolution of the Kashmir dispute. “Rather than seeking a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute accordance to the will of millions of Kashmiris, all attempts are being made to undermine that possibility by the Government of India and instead, a policy of permanent demographic change is aggressively being pushed to snatch the Kashmiris’ land, destroy their identity and turn them into a minority in their own land,” it said.

The forum deplored that one after other laws are being invented and amended by New Delhi and forcibly thrust upon the people of IIOJK. It said that now India brazenly repealed the land law to let anyone from across India to own land in Jammu and Kashmir hence taking away from the residents of the territory the exclusive right to their land and property in order to ease the settling of outsiders IIOJK. Besides, the law allows the authorities to declare any local area as a strategic area on army’s behest which is alarming, it added.

The statement said the Kashmiri people are not some dumb driven cattle who will yield to these imperial laws. Kashmiris have proved by their will and their immense sacrifices that they are not dead but alive and determined people who will not accept such assaults upon them and their motherland, it said.

The forum said people of IIOJK completely reject and strongly condemn these appalling imperial measures. It said, to register their strong resentment against these anti-people laws, and demanding their immediate withdrawal, IIOJK people will peacefully observe a shutdown on Saturday (October 31).

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Association, Aaqib Wani, in a statement issued in Jammu said through the newly introduced land laws has put land of IIOJK on sale by fascist Modi regime which is hell bent to change the Muslim majority status of the territory. He said it is time for world bodies and people with sense of humanity to speak for the oppressed Kashmiris.

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