Mass extermination of Muslims underway in Modi’s India


Srinagar, November 16 (KMS): With growing tide of bigotry and oppression against Muslims in India, Modi led BJP regime has let loose horrific forms of torture against them.

A research survey conducted by Kashmir Media Service said Muslims are portrayed as terrorists in present-day India as the wave of hatred against them has seen a dramatic rise under fascist Modi’s government.

“Lynching of Muslims has become a norm in Modi’s India where Hindutva forces like BJP and RSS are ideological equals of the Nazis,” the survey report said adding that Modi and Hitler are the two faces of the same coin.

The report mentioned the recent anti-Muslim violence in Delhi and said that mass extermination of Muslims is underway in Modi’s India. It pointed out that it was Narendra Modi who has already committed a Muslim slaughter in Gujrat and the same Modi is planning genocide of Muslims in IIOJK as well. Kashmiri Muslims are witnessing unparalleled victimization under BJP-ruled India.

The survey report said that there was a systematic campaign by BJP leaders aimed at spewing venom at Muslims. Draconian citizenship laws are aimed at large-scale expulsion of Muslims from India.

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