Nagrota attack another false flag operation to defame Pakistan, freedom struggle in IIOJK


Islamabad, December 06 (KMS): India is leaving no stone unturned to malign Pakistan and Kashmiris’ freedom struggle and the 19 November 2020 attack in Nagrota area of Jammu region was another false flag operation of India to defame Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ indigenous freedom movement.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said that by staging the Nagrota-like dramas India wanted to divert the world attention from its state terrorism in its illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Notably, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while referring to the November 19 Nagrota incident, had claimed that the forces had thwarted a possible attack in IIOJK by neutralising 4 militants belonging to Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed. The Indian allegations came days after Pakistan unveiled evidence of India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan and shared specific details in this regard with the United Nations, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The KMS report said, India is wrongly blaming Pakistan for Nagrota incident just to hide its own incompetence, adding, Indian secret agencies mastermind false flag operations to create war-like situation in the region.

The report maintained that Indian agencies orchestrated Chattisinghpora massacre, Samjhota Express blast and Indian Parliament attack in the past to defame Pakistan and Kashmiris’ freedom movement. Pakistan has made public irrefutable proof of Indian sponsorship of terrorism in the country, it added.

It said, India has escalated its anti-Pakistan campaign marked by false narratives, concocted evidence and orchestration of false flag operations but Pakistan will continue exposing India and will not let the world community be misled by Indian propaganda.

The report said, Pakistan has been consistently sensitizing the world regarding the possibility of India undertaking a false flag operation with the intention to implicate Pakistan.

It said, India has miserably failed in its attempts to defame Pakistan and the Kashmiris freedom movement and appealed the world to realize that the ruling Hindutva regime in India is a threat to global peace.

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