Kashmiris hate BJP for its policies of further strengthening occupation


Srinagar, December 24 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political experts and analysts have said that BJP’s communal, hegemonic, anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri policies have not only increased the hatred against the party among the Kashmiris but also strengthened the resistance movement against the illegal occupation.

The political experts and analysts in their interviews in Srinagar said the result of so-called District Development Council (DDC) elections in IIOJK reflect rejection of BJP and Indian occupation by the Kashmiris. The BJP could secure only three seats out of 140 seats in the Muslim majority Kashmir Valley in the recently concluded DDC polls.

The political experts and analysts said that the Kashmiris cast their vote against BJP to show their resentment against its policies of further strengthening the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. They maintained that the Muslims of the Kashmir Valley defeated the BJP and Modi, who represented the Indian imperialism, through their votes.

The political experts and analysts maintained that Narendra Modi is the most hated person in IIOJK mainly due to his August 05, 2019 move of repealing the special status of IIOJK and placing it under continued military siege ever since.

“Modi is a despotic ruler who intends to finish Kashmir’s distinct identity and its Muslim character. Recent laws regarding the Muslims in India show Narendra Modi’s ill-will and his nefarious designs against the Muslims and Islam,” a professor of Kashmir University Srinagar said.

He maintained that the people of IIOJK will strongly resist Modi’s plan to change the demography of the disputed territory.

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