Pakistan will continue exposing ugly face of India to world: Moeed Yousaf

Islamabad, January 17 (KMS): Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Security Moeed Yousuf has said that Pakistan will continue exposing ugly face of India to world

In a media interview Moeed Yousuf said, “We should stop being surprised, India’s deeds are in front of everyone, as a state we repeatedly said that the Pulwama attack was fake.”

He said that he was repeatedly informing the world that India could carry out another such fake operation and had also given dossier to the world. Now the world has to draw a conclusion, until the results India will continue to cover its face.

The Special Assistant for National Security said that Indian banks are also spreading terrorism, now the world has to do justice regarding India. Things come up against India on a daily basis, the world should make a decision based on justice against India which has been pretending to be a victim of terrorism for the last 20 years.

Moeed Yousuf added that India would be active on the global diplomatic front. We will further strengthen our lobby, also acknowledging that their lobby is very strong globally. But we will still try to win the world stage with truth. We will not be afraid of anyone and we will not apologize to anyone but will admit our weaknesses.

The Special Assistant said that in the last one and a half years, India has been reprimanded through diplomacy, a lot of effort has been made and more will be done, we need time for that.

During the conversation, Moeed Yousuf said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was talking about the False Flag operation not as an individual but as a state, we cannot bring everything to the public. The world does not listen to us with justice, which they should listen to. The enemy country buys weapons from big countries in the world, they have interests.

After the facts of the Pulwama attack came to light, he said that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was urging the international community to take action against India, as Indian banks were involved in money laundering while the money was being used inappropriately. With such money, these people spread terrorism, the world must do justice, he added.

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