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Islamabad, March 11 (KMS): An academic conference titled “Prospects of lawfare on Kashmir and the strategies” was held in Islamabad, today.

The speakers of the conference organised by the Legal Forum for Oppressed Voices of Kashmir (LFOVK) on the occasion said that a legal case in favour of the Kashmiris already exists and stressed the need to fight a strong legal case against India. They pointed out that New Delhi was committing crimes against humanity in IIOJK. Kashmir is an international armed conflict and a case of illegal occupation.

The speakers expressed deep concern over the current situation in occupied Kashmir. Dr. Khalid Rehman called colonialism by India in Kashmir is denial of international law. Calling armed resistance in Kashmir legitimate and legal under international law, Dr Khalid said that where there is occupation there is resistance and right of liberation is fundamental right.

Taimur Malik said that Pakistan is lacking behind in law fare, we need to develop law fare. Even India has developed strong law fare division. Barrister Taimur called actions of India in Kashmir as law fare actions and we have not given them any answers yet through law fare. He said the abrogation of Article 370 by Indian govt was law fare action.

Dr Sadia Zahoor said that “we have to build narrative. We have to build law fare narrative. We need to internationalize law fare for Kashmir. Like Palestine, we have to build narrative against India.”

Sheikh Tajammul-ul-Islam raised serious concerns that Jammu and Kashmir does not exist in the list of occupied territories in the world because of failed law warfare in the past. “We must start law fare against India. We are yet to build our legal case, we have to get it recognized that IIOJK is occupied by India as per international law.”

Nasir Qadri thanked the panelists saying that it is painful to see parliamentarians absent just for the Senate tussle. If Kashmir is national interest it means something beyond domestic politics. Qadri further said the IIOJK’s disputed status is source of armed conflict between India and Pakistan.

Those who addressed the event included Dr Khalid Rehman, Sheikh Tajammul-ul-Islam, Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan, Taimor Malik, Dr Saadia Zahoor and Nasir Qadri.

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