India shielding behind Raisina dialogue to check deteriorating image


ImageIslamabad, April 14 (KMS): In an attempt to check India’s deteriorating image because of Modi-led fascist government’s number of steps against humanity particularly in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi is hosting events like Raisina Dialogue to mislead the international community.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said, the Raisina Dialogue, a multilateral event held annually by India since 2016 in New Delhi under the attractive banner of geopolitics and geo-economics, is actually another hypocritical action being used by Indian rulers to divert attention from Indian imperialistic designs.

The report deflated Indian claim that by holding dialogues like Raisina, New Delhi intends to provide solutions of the world problems and stability to the human society and pointed out that India is, in fact, a part of problems and not of solutions with the lingering Kashmir dispute being the biggest proof.

“India can’t claim that it pursues stability through holding the Raisina Dialogue when it is engaged in bullying its neighbours – Pakistan and China – as exposed by EU Disinfo Lab,” the report added. The credibility of Raisina Dialogue can be judged from the fact that speakers only from countries that are aligned with India in any domain are invited, it stressed.

Besides, the Raisina Dialogue is being used as a tool to shield Indian crimes against humanity inside the country as well as in Jammu and Kashmir from global criticism.

Also, no objective analysis in line with reports on India by independent international organisations on various Indian failings has been discussed from the platform of the Raisina Dialogue since 2016, the report mentioned and said that New Delhi can’t hide its cruel face by holding such events.

The report said, the Modi regime’s cruel steps in IIOJK are enough to expose India’s real face before the world, what to speak of its inhuman treatment to the minorities inside the country.

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