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ImageIslamabad, April 15 (KMS): India is leaving no stone unturned to malign Pakistan and its institutions to keep the country under the international scrutiny.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said the Indian agencies are once again out to defame Pakistan on the pretext of few stray incidences of violence on Monday and Tuesday. They are using their paid stooges on the social media for Pakistan bashing. The Indian-paid social media users shared a picture of a youth claiming that Pakistan’s law enforcement personnel shot him dead during the protests against blasphemy, depicting as if the country is facing civil war. The report said an organization involved in violence has been banned by the authorities in Pakistan.

It said that before exploiting such incidents, Indian agencies never looked into the situation prevailing in their own country. Even in one such incident, it said, an Indian policeman was lynched by a mob in Uttar Dinajpur district of Indian state of West Bengal, last Saturday (April 10).

The report said that EU DisinfoLab has already exposed the ugly face of India and its hatred for Pakistan. The EU DisinfoLab in its report titled “Indian Chronicles”, published on December 09, 2020 made a startling revelation that over 750 Indian backed websites, spread across 119 countries, have been operating to undermine Pakistan for the last 15 years within the European Union and the United Nations. The EU DisinfoLab’s investigation revealed that the Srivastava Group launched and backed the operation while Indian news agency, Asian News International (ANI), boosted it. The campaign was started in 2005 and continues to operate.

The KMS report said, the enemies of Pakistan try not to miss any chance of defaming the country. “The government and the people of Pakistan are totally against violence in all its manifestations. The situation of law and order is completely under control in Pakistan. The Pakistan’s enemies are giving a false impression as if there is civil war in the country. Shame on them,” it said.

The report said that multiple efforts have been made by the enemies of Pakistan to de-track the country from its new journey on the path of economic recovery. It said the people of Pakistan are committed that they will not allow anybody to damage its economy by shutting markets and blocking roads.

The report maintained that the Pakistanis will not allow Pakistan’s enemies to damage the country by giving a bad colour to religious matters. “The holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) is loved by all the citizens of Pakistan and they can’t allow any insult to the great Prophet (SAW). The Government of Pakistan has presented the case of Islamophobia in the most successful manner all across the globe. The present government in Pakistan has raised effective voice against any blasphemous action in any part of the world,” it said.

India must know that all its efforts to malign Pakistan are doomed to fail, it added.

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