New Delhi, April 18 (KMS): The reality of Modi-led fascist Indian government has been further exposed by the holding of Hindu festival Kumbh Mela amid large scale infection of people by COVID-19 in the country.

Social media users in their video blogs and posts are strongly criticizing BJP’s central and Utter Pradesh governments for allowing one of the world’s largest Hindu gatherings at Haridwar on the Ganges Rivert in the UP.

A video blogger, Pragya Mishra while grilling the BJP governments’ double standards asked when Muslims belonging to Tableeghi Jamaat were ridiculed as ‘corona bomb’, why the participants of the Kumbh Mela are not called ‘nuclear bomb’.

She said that had it been the people from Tableeghi Jamaat, Indian judiciary would have become active by now and number of cases would have been registered against the Muslim participants, but since ‘these guys are not Muslims’ they are not being pursued.

Pragya Mishra asked Hindutva forces if they are feeling ashamed at their propaganda against Muslims, then they should be happy because the humanity would, at least, return then.

She criticized the rulers for welcoming the participants of the Kumbh Mela with lowered heads. She said 400 people got corona positive even before the first formal bath, and yet people are taking bath happily while the number of corona patients has reached to an extent in the UP that there are no wood burn bodies of the corona victims.

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