India can’t cast shadow on Pakistan’s global stature


Islamabad, April 20 (KMS): India has launched a malicious propaganda against Pakistan on the pretext of some marginal incidents of violence at some places in the country.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service said that by citing such incidents, which do take place even in the developed countries like the US and France, India is trying to give a false impression as if Pakistan is facing a civil war-like situation. The fact is, the report said, civil war in Pakistan is India’s dream, which will, by the grace of God, never come true as the Pakistanis are well aware of New Delhi’s evil designs against their country and are united to thwart them.

“Majority of the tweets regarding the recent violence in a few places by miscreants in Pakistan are originating from India,” the report said and advised India to stop propaganda against Pakistan and instead focus on putting its own house in order.

“Pakistanis stand united to even sacrifice their life for the honour of their beloved Prophet (SAW), and by spreading false propaganda against Pakistan, India can’t cast shadow on Pakistan’s global stature,” the report said.

It mentioned that India has the habit of using fringe incidences of violence in Pakistan to shift focus from its state sponsored terrorism in occupied Jammu and Kashmir while the fact is New Delhi can’t divert world’s attention from its terrible human rights record in IIOJK and across India by spreading lies against Pakistan.

“India’s mischievous designs to malign Pakistan are doomed to fail as by spreading concocted stories about Islamabad, New Delhi is trying to fish in the troubled waters, which is shameful,” the report said.

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