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Islamabad, April 20 (KMS): In yet another assault on the people’s right to information, the Indian authorities have blocked the access to the website of Kashmir Media Service in IIOJK and all across India.

The people from many places in the occupied territory and India told KMS over phone that they were unable to access its website for the last many days. They said, they are easily accessing the websites of other media outlets but are not able to reach the website of KMS. They pointed out that whenever they try to open the website of the news agency, they receive the messages: “The site can’t be reached. doesn’t respond for too long”, “check your internet connection”, “check the URL you’ve entered” and “clear cache”. They said that this is happening only with KMS website.

Some regular visitors of KMS website said that they were able to access it only through proxy websites.

It is noteworthy that the so-called largest democracy of the world under the Narendra Modi-led fascist regime is resorting to cheap tactics to hide its atrocities in IIOJK. It has imposed curbs on all kinds of freedom, particularly the freedom of expression. The new Media Policy introduced in 2020 in IIOJK has further made the situation worse as the journalists cannot freely report the brutalities of Indian troops in an impartial and objective manner. Even the world human rights organizations like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch in their latest reports have mentioned the gag on the freedom of expression in IIOJK. They have criticized the new media policy and have also reported assaults on the Kashmiri journalists by Indian troops and police.

On the one hand India is blocking genuine channels of information while on the other it is opening fake outlets to spread disinformation about Pakistan and the Kashmir movement. This has been amply proved by the recent revelations made by DisinfoLab.

In such a grim situation, KMS is reporting the ground situation of IIOJK objectively. Besides being the voice of the oppressed Kashmiri people and their leadership, it has been effectively making the world aware of the sufferings of the Kashmiris who are facing the worst kind of Indian state terrorism for the last 74 years in general and since August 05, 2019 in particular.

Modi regime must acknowledge the fact that by resorting to such nefarious steps, it would never succeed in concealing its atrocities on the people of IIOJK.

The KMS website editors are planning to find some alternatives to reach its visitors. It also plans to approach the world human rights and media bodies and associations to apprise them of the curbs imposed by the Indian authorities on the KMS website.

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