India descends into COVID hell as system collapses


New Delhi, April 25 (KMS): The Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government has failed to cope with second wave of COVID-19 as India marked a grim milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic recording 3.49 lakh fresh cases; 2,767 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Political experts and analysts in their interviews said, patients are struggling to get beds in Covid-19 hospitals adding there is especially acute shortage of oxygen.

They said, the hashtag #WeCannotBreathe is trending on Indian twitter amid Covid-19 Tsunami and the Indian TVs showed families tending to the sick in hospital corridors and streets as they waited for medical attention.

The political experts and analysts appreciated human gesture shown by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan towards the affected Indian people, saying the Pakistani nation is praying for the speedy recovery of Covid-19 patients in India and the world.

They said, despite facing Indian brutalities, the Kashmiris while showing the same gesture sent 100 oxygen concentrators to India’s Maharashtra state. They said that the Indian politicians had also denounced the Modi government for his failure to cope with the COVID-19 cases.

Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP government was responsible for the current crisis over oxygen shortages and lack of ICU beds. Another Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said, Prime Minister, Modi failed to provide a sense of safety, direction and leadership during massive surge in Covid-19 infections. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi said, PM Modi completely failed in controlling Covid-19 situation.

The political experts and analysts were of the view that Modi government’s decision to allow a major Hindu festival, Kumbh Mela, to take place in Uttrakhand state proved Corona super-spreader. The government’s decision to allow holding mass election rallies in West Bengal also worsened the already bad Covid situation in India, they added.

They said, when the BJP government should have focused on fighting the Coronavirus, Prime Minister, Modi was busy addressing election rallies.
The political experts and analysts said, the international press has also blamed Modi for failure to tackle second wave Coronavirus across India. “Modi flounders in India’s gigantic second wave, writes The Times, London. The Guardian in blistering headline says, “The system has collapsed: India’s descent into Covid hell.” They added.

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