India’s COVID catastrophe: Deaths piling because of Modi’s complacency

Islamabad, May 07 (KMS): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s incompetency and his disregard towards people’s live have become evident amid the ongoing Covid-19 surge across India as the country has recorded its worst Covid-19 numbers, becoming the first in the world to cross 400,000 daily cases of the coronavirus.

A commentary on TRT world, while decoding India’s Coronavirus catastrophe, says, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party BJP suffered electoral defeat in West Bengal as India recorded its worst Covid-19 numbers. Has Narendra Modi sacrificed Indian lives and the country’s image in lost political battle. Should he have been fighting to save these lives instead of his political career?”

It said, “On May 2 India recorded deadliest day of the coronavirus pandemic yet with 3689 recorded deaths. The first country in the world to cross 400,000 daily cases of the coronavirus. It pushed the total number of dead from Covid-19 to almost two hundred and twenty thousand and the reason was lack of oxygen cylinders and emergency room bed to cater to the tens of thousands of Covid-19 patients who had lined up outside of hospital. The oxygen shortage and the inability of the (BJP) government to provide it became so acute that the embassy of New Zealand had to make an online appeal for oxygen tanks.”

The commentary further said that scientists had warned the government two months ago of a new and more contagious variant of the coronavirus taking hold in India. It said that the scientists spoke specifically of a rising number of dead if immediate measures were not taken to control the Covid-19 but the government ignored these warnings and instead it allowed one of the largest religious gatherings anywhere in the world, the Kumbh Mela in which an estimated 3.5 million people took part this year.

And while the Kumbh Mela was taking place, the Prime Minister was holding mega rallies in West Bengal and elsewhere, even appreciating the size of the crowds, the commentary said.

As per the TRT report, unofficially, doctors and researchers say the real number of dead is likely ten times as much as official figures indicate, because most Covid-19 deaths have gone unreported as they happen outside of hospitals at home or elsewhere.

The report maintained that the relatives have lost loved ones waiting outside hospitals that have run out of oxygen and ICU beds and those asking for help on social media have themselves been abused and threatened. Crematoriums in the capital New Delhi have reportedly been cremating up to 600 bodies every 24 hours, it said, adding, it takes six hours for a body to fully burn on a pyre and that the lines are so long that some of the bodies are said to have been abandoned in queues outside.

At last, the TRT commentary said that the question is how long Modi can survive politically as his countrymen die in their thousands around him.

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