Modi is far right racist having a nasty piece of work: MEP Wallace

Islamabad, May 10 (KMS): Mick Wallace, Member of European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland south, has said that Narendra Modi is a far right racist, who has a nasty piece of work.

Mick Wallace said this in a video of his address in the EU Parliament he shred twitter on Sunday, a day after an EU-India virtual summit was held. He said, “The truth is that Modi is far right racist. He’s a nasty piece of work. But that doesn’t stop us from actually engaging with India. Hopefully, he won’t be there forever.”

The MEP said he too favours the strong relationship between the EU (European Union) and India but not as a geopolitical tool to challenge the rise of China in the region and the world what exactly the Americans want to do when it comes to India.

Mick Wallace maintained that he would like to see the EU to play a different role, to play an independent role and have a healthy relationship with India. And we shouldn’t pretend that we’re going there and engaging them because of shared values, he said.

The MEP pointed out that the idea that the EU can use India as a vehicle to stop China as if China was the baddie and India was the goodie is absolute nonsense. He said the human rights record in India is much worse that it is in China and there is no comparison. “The Chinese have performed miracles with challenging poverty unheard of in humankind. They have so much to offer and we have much to learn from them and just if you want to compare the two, look at how both of them have dealt with Covid.”

Let’s be realistic in our relationship and stop pretending, he added.

It is to mention here that India and the European Union agreed at a virtual summit on Saturday to resume free-trade negotiations. The meeting saw attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and heads of government of the 27 EU member states.

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