Indians are being burnt for electing Modi who burnt Muslims: Prof Punyani » Kashmir Media Service

New Delhi, May11 (KMS): Noted academic and civil rights activist Ram Punyani has criticized the Indian public for electing Narenra Modi as Prime Minister of India in love of burning Muslims to death in 2002, saying that Modi is now rewarding them to burn their relatives from coronavirus.

Ram Punyani, a former professor at IIT-Bombay, in a tweet said, “You [Indians] elected him [Narendra Modi] in love of burning one community to death in 2002, now he is rewarding you to burn to burn dear ones throughout the nation.”

Ram Punyani, known for conducting workshops and lectures all across the country to propagate communal harmony, had received threat calls and abuses from BJP-RSS goons over phone for his anti-Modi statements.

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