‘India’s ‘black fungus’ crippling those recovering from corona

HRW says crisis exposing India’s underlying human rights issues

Rare, Deadly 'Black Fungus' Stalking Covid-19 Patients in Delhi: What You Need to KnowNew Delhi, May11 (KMS): In India, where the devastating second wave of code 19 is raging, cases of this rare Mycorrhiza, also known as ‘black fungus’, are rapidly emerging among doctors or patients recovering from it.
Mumbai-based eye surgeon Dr Akshay Nair was preparing to operate on a 25-year-old woman on Saturday morning. The woman had recovered from code 19 just three weeks ago.

A nose, ear and throat specialist was treating another female patient in the hospital’s operating theater. These patients were also diabetics. The doctor inserted a tube into her nose and removed Mycorrhiza -infected tissues from her body.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a rare but dangerous fungal infection. The infection affects the nose, eyes or sometimes the brain.

As the doctor removes his patient’s mitochondrial tissue, Dr. Nair will operate on his patient for three hours, in which he will remove one of her eyes.

“I will take out one eye to save her life,” says Dr Nair. This is how the disease works.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a very rare type of infection that is spread by fungi found in soil, plants, fertilizers, and rotten fruits and vegetables. “It is found everywhere, in the soil, in the air and even in the noses of healthy people,” says Dr Nair.

It affects the nasal passages, brain and lungs and can be fatal for diabetics or people with very weak immune systems such as AIDS or cancer.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly in a media interview said that Covid-19 in India is making record-breaking numbers of new cases with medicine, oxygen, and vaccines in tragically short supply. The interview discussed how the humanitarian crisis is exposing India’s underlying human rights issues, and what needs to be done.

Speaking about Covid-19 situation in India, he said, “It is devastating. …people in India are dying from Covid-19 because they’re not getting the hospital care, medicine, or oxygen support they need to fight the disease. The shortfalls continue even after death: people wait hours in line to cremate or bury their loved ones. Even though India had a year to pull itself together and learn lessons from experiences around the world, the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have failed to do so.”

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