‘You can fudge data, but can’t hide bodies floating in rivers,’ Barkha tells Modi

New Delhi, May15 (KMS): Renowned Indian journalist Barkha Dutt has confirmed that scores of unidentified dead bodies have been floating in rivers in rural India as Covid ravages the country.

Barkha Dutt in a TV discussion said, “From the pile up of bodies by the Ganga in Unnao I moved to the sand ravines outside Kanpur, an area so remote there’s no road or path & we could only reach by motorcycle to find 150 bodies buried here.

“Many more being left at night daily”.

While addressing Narendra Modi, Barkha Dutt in a tweet said, “You can hide and fudge data, but you cannot hide bodies as they float in rivers and leave you nowhere to hide. I meet a young cowherd at the edge of the Ganga who tells me about the bodies he sees every day.”

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