Blinded by anger against Kashmiris Modi regime arrests Sehra’s sons, relatives


Islamabad, May 16 (KMS): Blinded by anger against Kashmiris for their uncompromising commitment to the freedom cause, RSS-backed Modi government has stooped too low to arrest two sons and other family members of senior APHC leader and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai who was systematically killed in custody on May 5, 2021.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said that Sehrai’s two sons namely, Mujahid Ashraf Sehrai and Rashid Ashraf Sehrai, were arrested by police from Bulbulbagh in Srinagar on Saturday evening.

Political experts and analysts termed the arrest of Mujahid, Rashid and their 20 other relatives as political victimization for their unwavering support to the freedom movement. The duo has been taken to Kupwara.

The experts and analysts said that Modi regime has turned so callous that it even did not allow the family of Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai to mourn his custodial death and arrested his two sons and relatives when their wounds were still fresh. The arrests, they said, are meant to victimize and punish the family for espousing the freedom cause.

Having discussed the arrest of Sehrai’s sons, the report deplored that all Kashmiris’ basic rights including right to life and right to protest and right to freedom of expression are violated under RSS-backed Modi government. The regime is employing draconian laws and using brute force against the Kashmiris to stifle political dissent in IIOJK. People are even booked under black laws for showing solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

Maulana Sarjan Barkati, who earned fame for his unique style of anti-India sloganeering, was on Saturday arrested for talking about suffering of Palestinians. Police arrested 28 youth during house raids in Badshahi Bagh and other areas of Srinagar for holding anti-Israel protests. What is more shocking is, a Kashmiri artist Mudasir Gul was booked under black law Public Safety Act for drawing graffiti on Palestinians.

Draconian measures being employed by Modi led Indian regime has further exposed RSS-backed government’s disregard for democratic norms in IIOJK.

The report asked how India can claim to be a democratic republic when it is denying Kashmiris their basic rights including the right to self-determination, which is sheer violation of international laws and UN charter.

The report called upon the global community to bring Modi and his henchmen to book for trampling every right of the Kashmiris.

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