Covid ravages— 50 doctors reported dead in a day across India

New Delhi, May 18 (KMS): 244 doctors have lost their lives due to Covid-19 in the second wave of the pandemic across India so far and among them 50 deaths were recorded on Sunday, according to New Delhi-based Indian Medical Association (IMA).

The highest number of such fatalities have been reported from India’s Bihar state (69) followed by Uttar Pradesh (34) and Delhi (27).

Dr Jayesh Lele, the General Secretary of IMA, in a media interview, said, it is very unfortunate that we lost 50 doctors Sunday across India and 244 in the second wave since the first week of April.

The IMA, he said, has found that many doctors have not taken the vaccine and the organisation will do everything it can to ensure that all doctors who are on the frontline take the jab.

Last year, 736 doctors had lost their lives during the first wave. A total of nearly 1,000 doctors across India have lost their lives due to Covid so far. Only 3 per cent of these doctors were fully vaccinated.

Five months into India’s vaccination drive, only 66 per cent of India’s healthcare workers have been fully vaccinated. The IMA said it is making all possible efforts to encourage doctors to take the jab.

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