Modi has put India on the brink of destruction

Bodies of those died of COVID outbreak in India are being hidden

New Delhi, May 19 (KMS): The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in India is much higher than the official death toll. To cover up the actual number of deaths, bodies of the COVID-19 victims are being dumped in running water and sometimes secretly buried.

Several videos produced by Soch Bharat Production team that went viral on social media show that there is no space left for cremation at crematoriums. The videos show hundreds of bodies floating in the Ganges and buried en masse, even though the bodies must be cremated according to the Hindu religion. Corpses floating in the Ganges and those cremated in crematoriums reflect the dire situation in India.

Social media journalists in these videos say that the world has never seen such a grim picture of India since its independence where in order to hide the bodies of those killed in the epidemic they are sometimes dumped in the Ganges and sometimes buried in the ground en masse. They say that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responsible for this horrific situation.

The journalists say that the situation in the country is very serious and every citizen is forced to move from door to door to save his life. They say that even in this situation, the Indian government has no concern for ordinary citizens and it is trying to gain political mileage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and other ministers held massive election rallies participated by thousands of people that led to the spread the deadly virus, but they are seen nowhere today, the journalists said, adding that the BJP government has led the country to this quagmire and if it continues like this, Indians will face starvation soon. They said that in order to prevent the situation from deteriorating further and get the country out of this quagmire, the BJP government must be questioned and every Indian must raise his voice to get an answer.

The social media journalists have also termed Modi a virus more dangerous and venomous than all deadly strains of COVID-19 including Indian variant of coronavirus B.1.617. They say that Modi virus is an imposter that changes its shapes and colours from time to time. They say Modi is a virus that plays with the lives of people, that spreads hatred and corona and it can be recognized from his unique dressing and speech. They say that Modi virus is supported by other variants of its kind including Harsh Vardhan virus, Yogi Virus, and the most venomous and dangerous among them is Amit fake news virus. They said Modi possess all the characteristics of Nazi Hitler. It is to mention here that Harsh Vardhan, Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah are all BJP leaders.

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