Congress slams Modi regime over state of economy

‘India needs a PM not an event manager’

New Delhi, June 01 (KMS): The Congress has slammed the Modi government alleging that it mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic which brought economic activities to a virtual standstill in many parts of the country.

In a Twitter post, the party said, “India needs a Prime Minister, not an event manager.” The post contained an image with the text reading, ‘BJP Infected Economy – 23 crore people have been pushed below the poverty line and into indebtedness’.

The opposition party in another post maintained that the only reason for India’s economic trouble is one man’s high-handedness. The Congress was pointing to reports which said that India’s GDP contracted by 7.3 per cent in 2020-21.

The Congress said that those who promised to make India a $5-trillion economy, have seen an almost $5 trillion bank fraud during their tenure. Common people have to pay the price for Modi’s fake promisesm, it said.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also hit out at the Modi government. She said that disaster in the economy is the masterstroke of the Modi government. “GDP Rate: -7.3, Unemployment rate: 12%, Second wave: 1 crore jobs lost, 2020: 97% of people’s income decreased, Petrol: Rs 100, Mustard oil: Rs 200, LPG: Rs 809. Disaster in the economy and Opportunity in disaster -is the masterstroke of the Modi government,” she said.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the current state of the economy is the PM’s hall of shame. “PM’s hall of shame – Minimum GDP, Maximum Unemployment,” he said.

“The GDP in 2020-21 is lower than the GDP in 2018-19. 2020-21 has been the darkest year of the economy in four decades. The performance in the four quarters of 2020-21 tells the story…The current state of the economy is no doubt largely due to the impact of the pandemic, but it has been compounded by the ineptitude and incompetent economic management of the BJP-led NDA government,” said Rajya Sabha MP, P Chidambaram.

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